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The Jet Press 750S High Speed Model leads the way

The Jet Press 750S High Speed Model is quite simply the fastest 4 colour, B2 sheet-fed inkjet digital press available (5,400 sheets per hour in High Performance mode), but is also able to produce the highest quality (3,600 sheets per hour in High Quality mode). So if you produce a lot of short or medium run print, the Jet Pres 750S High Speed Model will revolutionise your business.

Jet Press 750S High Speed Model

There are many ongoing challenges in the market, but Fujifilm is always a reliable partner that has enabled us to overcome these challenges and help us to grow

Tiago Yu | Floricolor

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Case Studies

Wegner: Jet Press 750S HSM & Revoria PC1120

Fujifilm customer Wegner GmbH uses Jet Press 750S and Revoria Press PC1120 to produce a high quality, hardcover photo book to accompany exclusive exhibition

RGI: Jet Press 750S High Speed Model

RGI becomes the first commercial offset printer in France to invest in Fujifilm's Jet Press 750S High Speed Model


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Jet Press 750S HSM

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