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The new blueprint for wide format

Redefining versatility, value and ROI

Three years ago, Fujifilm made a strategic decision to start the process of rethinking its Acuity wide format offering; focusing on new ways to deliver improved value, versatility and ease of use and in particular on defining a new level of print ROI. Fujifilm set out to do what it had first done back in 2000: to create a new blueprint for wide format.

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It’s our belief that the Acuity Prime flatbed performs at a level above any other printer at this price point. In fact, the other machines we considered with this level of productivity were typically double the price.

Sam Cherry | Ebbsfleet Printing Solutions

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Case Studies

Tech:art: Acuity Prime

See how Tech:art has benefitted from the outstanding quality, productivity and ease of use of the Acuity Prime

Fokina: Acuity Ultra

Leading German PSP highlights the Acuity Ultra’s speed and versatility as being essential to operations


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Acuity Prime

Für klassenbeste Qualität bei höchster Produktivität auf einer breiten Palette von starren und flexiblen Medien

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Acuity Ultra R2

Hochproduktive Superwide-Plattform für hervorragende Druckqualität

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Acuity B1

Kostengünstiges, hochwertiges B1-Inkjetsystem mit idealer Eignung für Kleinauflagen

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