Fujifilm invites you to

Discover the Difference

16 & 17 May 2023

Our new toner digital presses are transforming print businesses across Europe. Now, the best in inkjet and the best in toner are both available in the UK, from Fujifilm.

Tuesday 16 May

Join us at an exclusive invitation-only event to celebrate the UK launch of Fujifilm’s new toner digital presses.

  • At an historic venue on the River Thames in London, you’ll discover the difference that our industry-leading digital portfolio can make to your business.
  • You will also get a preview of our new digital workflow, and a glimpse into the future of our inkjet and toner portfolio.
  • Great food and entertainment at a venue right on the river.
Late afternoon until late

16 May 2023


Wednesday 17 May

We will be demonstrating our new toner digital presses and digital workflow in a free-to-attend ‘Open Innovation Day’.

  • Experience unlimited creative potential, with our award-winning ten colour press, including gold, silver, white, pink and clear, easily configurable in six stations.
  • Explore the outstanding speed and quality of our black & white toner press.
  •  Discover how our light production toner press can produce superb, high quality 4 colour print.
  • Find out how our new digital workflow can help you manage production output across multiple digital presses.

17 May 2023


Find us at the Chain Store, Trinity Buoy Wharf, 64 Orchard Place, Poplar, London E14 0JW